Dr. Shab Krish DDS, MS

Centre Director
Board Certified:
American Board of Craniofacial Pain
American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine

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Dr. Krish was extremely helpful in overcoming my sleep apnea. The oral device she created for me has almost eliminated my snoring entirely and allows me to sleep restfully each night. My chronic afternoon drowsiness is gone, and I have energy all day. Dr. Krish’s assistants—Elvira and Shelby—are friendly, competent and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Krish and her team.

-Aaron G.

Flower Mound, TX

I have had such a wonderful experience starting day one. Dr. Krish and the staff are very friendly and try to accommodate your every need. Dr. Krish and the staff were able to walk me through every part of my treatment plan so that I understood everything clearly. I've enjoyed being treated by Dr. krish and can say I will miss her and the staff once my treatment plan is complete!

-Gabby I.

Dr. Krish is extremely knowledgeable and the staff are amazing. They truly care about getting me to be pain free. The day and night appliances have been life saving for me.

-Melissa M.

Dr. Krish has helped my pain from TMJ. She takes time to explain the diagnosis and treatment plan. Elvira and Shelby are patient and kind!

-Suzanne V.

Dr. Krish and her staff are wonderful! I have had painful TMJ for many years and have received treatment in the past but have never seen results like I now have with Dr. Krish. She is very patient, knowledgeable, and strives to get you the relief you need to be pain-free. She has an amazing staff that truly go above and beyond. You will have a hard time finding staff better than Elvira, Vanessa and Barbara!! I highly recommend Dr. Krish!!

-Vickie P.

Sleep appliance helped so much with my sleep apnea!

-Kyle G.

Dr. Krish was a lifesaver! What I thought was an ear infection turned out to be TMD. Her exam was very thorough and the mouthguards have been wonderful. Pain-free for 6 wks now. The entire staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They all care about your wellbeing. Would recommend to anyone!

-Tanya K.

Dr. Krish is passionate about improving her patient's quality of life!

-Jessica K.

Dr. Krish is a very compassionate doctor that enjoys helping people with TMJ and Sleep Apnea.

-G T.

After years of being in pain, Dr. Krish treated me for my TMJ problems and now I am pain free and can sleep through the night. She has dedicated her life to learning and changing quality of life for her patients.

-Barbara R. on Facebook

I went to Dr. Krish for my TMJ pains I have been dealing with for 20 years. I was greeted with a warm and welcoming staff. After a few test I had molds taken of my upper and lower teeth for appliances to wear. One during the day and one at night. I started wearing the appliances over a week ago and I haven't had any real pain since. I no longer wake with headaches, I sleep through the night, and actually wake up refreshed. I wish I would have found her sooner!!

-Jennifer P. on Facebook

After a week of treatment I have no pain in my jaw or soreness on my left side. It is hard to imagine the change could be this fast and effective from wearing the appliance. I have had a retainer (top & bottom from braces worn for two years) but there is a distinct difference and noticeable change with this device. It is more comfortable and relaxes my jaw immediately. But most importantly, I slept through the night every night since the second day of wearing the appliance. Thank you, Dr. Krish!


Through Dr. Krish’s experience and expertise, I was able to have quality come back into my life. I suffered severe jaw and neck pain, headaches, sleeplessness, and struggled with pain on a daily basis needing pain medication or muscle relaxers to function. Thanks to the care and to the specific orthotic appliances for both day and night, I am pain free, no longer need medication, and no longer feel my jaw. I recommend Dr. Krish to anyone seeking relief and quality back into their life.

-Melissa F.

I used to wake up constantly with headaches and occasionally had migraines. Dr. Krish recommended a night appliance for me to wear at night to prevent me from grinding my teeth. My jaw has not hurt since the treatment started and I have not had one headache or migraine. I greatly appreciate all that Dr. Krish has done for me to relieve me of pain.

-Khelia G.

I suffered from chronic earache, neck pain, jaw pain and stiffness. I used to get up with mild headaches in the morning. On my ENT Doctor’s recommendation to see a TMJ Specialist, I consulted with Dr. Shab Krish. After the examination and tests, I was given a night and day time appliance. In three weeks the treatment brought relief to me (about 90%). I have no morning headaches nor do I have jaw and neck pain or soreness. My earache has completely disappeared thanks to Dr. Krish’s expertise and gentle care. I recommend Dr. Krish wholeheartedly to anyone suffering from TMJ Disorders.


Dr. Krish and Elvira are wonderful. I don’t have to wait when I come in, there is no waiting time.


We have been so happy with the service from the entire staff. We love Dr. Krish and Elvira! The treatments have made a huge difference in my quality of life!


Have had wonderful experience with this clinic. The oral appliance for my sleep apnea is far superior to the Bipap machine I was using, so far as convenience, ease of use, dry mouth and eyes, and ability to sleep. I am so happy I was referred here.


The doctor and staff are professional and personal. They do a total integrated approach. I really appreciated the treatment between the TMJ, ENT, and Allergy doctors. They explain the process and keep you updated. The laser treatments were helpful. Recommending the chiropractor was key in my improvement. Good job on improving my overall jaw pain and health!


Dr. Krish is amazing. She truly cares. Great bedside manner. She is life changing!


Dr. Krish is a master in her field. She sincerely cares about her patients and improving their lives. I would recommend her a million times over!!


I received excellent medical attention. The staff is wonderful, friendly, and proficient. The procedures were carefully explained and my needs were met- both medically and emotionally! Also, long term help will be available!


Doctor Krish and her team are just wonderful! I had been struggling for just over a year with my TMJ. I would wake up at least 4 or 5 times a night and would not be able to move my jaw the next morning. After my consultation and following her instructions i can say that there has been 100% improvement in just the first month. I highly recommend Doctor Krish if you are suffering with TMJ, make an appointment today!

-Samantha R. on Google Plus

Dr. Krish is wonderful, and all the staff are very friendly. Dr. Krish is extremely knowledgeable and calm and reassuring. If you need treatment for TMJ or a dental appliance for sleep apnea, this is the place to go.
I am also impressed at how organized the staff is. They are always on top of the paperwork for insurance, etc.

-Bret M. on Google Plus

My experience has been excellent at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre. Dr. Krish and her staff are wonderfully helpful and professional. All procedures have been thoroughly explained. Clearly, they care about their patients.


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