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Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

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TMJ Treatments Flower Mound Texas

Temporomandibular Joint, or TMJ as it is commonly known, is the joint where the lower jawbone meets the skull. The combination of articular discs, ligaments, and muscles around the TMJ enable the smooth movement of the lower jawbone. When there is a problem with this joint, a number of functional issues can arise, not only in the oral cavity, but also throughout the neck, head, and entire body.

TMJ disorder is a term commonly used to refer to the wide-range of problems that may occur. At our TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre we have a team dedicated to diagnosing and treating TMJ disorder and relieving pain. If you have pain or numbness in your lower jaw, find it difficult to open your mouth, experience frequent headaches, jaw joint noise, ear pain, sinus and ear congestion, facial pain, neck/back/shoulder pain, or any combination of these symptoms, come in for an evaluation with Dr. Krish.

What is TMJ Disorder?

Temporomandibular Joint dysfunction or disorder is an umbrella term used to refer to a number of problems that can cause the unit of articular disc, ligament, and muscles in the joint to not function properly. The cause for the disorder may be anything from poor physical structure, to accident and injury, to misdiagnosis or poor orthodontic work. There are many varied side effects of TMJ disorder, including, but not limited to:

  • Pain in lower jawbone
  • Inability to open the mouth widely
  • Fatigue of jaw muscles
  • Problems with chewing
  • Swelling at the jaw joints

The above problems can make life miserable in extreme cases but even when symptoms are mild, if left untreated, they will get worse. It is important to get TMJ disorder treated as early as possible to ensure the easiest possible treatment with the best results.

How is TMJ Disorder Diagnosed?

For the initial exam, patients fill out a questionnaire which includes questions about level of pain/discomfort, quality of sleep, and others which will help with diagnosis. Our new patient questionnaire can be found HERE.

To begin the appointment, our specially-trained assistants will take X-rays, pictures, and a full-head CT scan and then record measurements relating to the jaw, neck, and head. Dr. Krish will then go over the results and answers from the questionnaire along with a physical examination and Motor Reflex Testing to confirm the presence of TMJ disorder.

What is the Treatment for TMJ Disorder?

Our primary concern is to relieve patients from pain and discomfort as quickly as possible while also treating the root cause of the condition. One possible course of treatment is a custom-made oral appliance. Unlike a standard night-guard, the oral appliance, which might be prescribed to be worn daily and/or nightly, is designed so that the joint is in its ideal position putting no added strain on the jaw muscles and ligaments. The device also prevents grinding, protecting both the teeth and the jaw.

TMJ Disorder

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