Insurance Information for TMJ Patients

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Dr. Shab Krish is not a participating provider with medical or dental insurance companies. TMJ treatments are filed with medical insurance. Our goal is to support our patients in any way we can. Therefore, as a courtesy, we gladly assist in the filing of claims, excluding Medicare/Medicaid. We feel it is important for you to understand your plan and its payment allowances, as typically TMJ may be an exclusion from insurance policies.

Once Dr. Krish has seen the patient, developed a diagnosis, and a treatment plan has been created,we will send the appropriate information to our medical billing company to assist with required authorizations and to create the claims for our patients. The process of gathering the necessary information required for the billing company may take up to a week.

As claims are created by our medical billing company they will be forwarded to the patient. It is then the patient’s responsibility to mail the claim, along with any other required documents, to their insurance company. This process may take 3-4 weeks to complete, however, it will allow all insurance payments to be sent directly to the patient or redirected to the patient if received by the practice.

At TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of North Texas, we understand that navigating insurance can be difficult and overwhelming. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any guidance. We will be more than happy to help you understand how insurance works in our practice.

* Patients should keep in mind that insurance contracts are between the member, the employer, and the insurance carrier. No insurance plan covers all costs.
*We are unable to assist in the filing of claims of Medicare/Medicaid as Dr. Krish is not a participating provider