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It can be challenging to determine if a person has sleep apnea since most of the characteristics are observed when he/she is asleep. During your visit to our TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire related to your sleep patterns, daytime drowsiness, and overall feeling of restfulness. Input from your bed partner can be extremely helpful during the questionnaire since you may not be aware of some symptoms that you exhibit while asleep, like snoring, gasping, or choking. Dr. Krish will assess your answers, perform further analysis, and also look in your mouth checking for enlarged tissues at the back of your mouth and throat that may be blocking the airway.

If deemed necessary, Dr. Krish might recommend a sleep study, a diagnostic tool where breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure levels are all monitored during sleep. This study provides more information on what your body is doing while you’re sleeping.


Dr. Krish was extremely helpful in overcoming my sleep apnea. The oral device she created for me has almost eliminated my snoring entirely and allows me to sleep restfully each night. My chronic afternoon drowsiness is gone, and I have energy all day. Dr. Krish’s assistants Elvira and Shelby are friendly, competent and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Krish and her team. by Aaron G.
I have had such a wonderful experience starting day one. Dr. Krish and the staff are very friendly and try to accommodate your every need. Dr. Krish and the staff were able to walk me through every part of my treatment plan so that I understood everything clearly. I've enjoyed being treated by Dr. krish and can say I will miss her and the staff once my treatment plan is complete! by Gabby I.
I used to wake up constantly with headaches and occasionally had migraines. Dr. Krish recommended a night appliance for me to wear at night to prevent me from grinding my teeth. My jaw has not hurt since the treatment started and I have not had one headache or migraine. I greatly appreciate all that Dr. Krish has done for me to relieve me of pain. by Khelia G.

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